Competitive Projects

Competitive Projects

Sl. No.

Project Title Name of PI Sanction Year Duration Amount in Lakhs

Funding Agency

1 Developing climate resilient adaptive strategies for empowerment of farmers Bheemappa A. 2019 3 93.80 NASF, ICAR, New Delhi
2 Exploration and conservation of antimicrobial metabolites producing Actinobacteria prevalent in protected forest ecosystems of Assam and North Eastern Regions of India through establishment of a culture collection centre at IASST and development of a multivalent human and agro-protection and production system. P.U. Krishnaraj 2019 3 39.65 DBT, New Delhi
3 Processing and value addition of under exploited flowers and tubers for entrepreneurship development and economic empowerment of SC/ST Beneficiaries Veena S. Jadhav 2020 3 82.54 DST, New Delhi
4 Farmers and Stress Management during COVID-19-A Pilot study Nithya Shree D. A. 2020 1 10.06 DST, New Delhi
5 Cashewnut cultivation in northern transitional Zone Ashok P. 2020 3 10.5 ICAR, New Delhi
6 Establishment of long-term 1-hectare plots and its inventory in Yellapur division, Uttar Kannada, Karnataka for the validation of NISAR Forest biomass products Koppad A. G. 2021 2 10.00 GOI, New Delhi
7 Establishment of Honey Testing Laboratory for Detection of Adulteration, Assessment of Thermo-chemical and Microbial Parameters in Honey Kambrekar D. N. 2022 2 200.00 GOI, New Delhi
8 Validation and promotion of Integrated Pest Management in Rice and Horticultural Crops in TSP region of India Roopa S. Patil 2021 1 2.00 ICAR, Krishi, New Delhi
9 Emerging innovative avenues of agroforestry based entrepeneuraship development for SC Communities of Uttara Kannada district of Karnataka Venkatesh L. 2022 3 53.90 DST, New Delhi
10 Effect of Farmer Producer Organisations on Millet Farmers Economy in North Karnataka G. M. Hiremath 2022 1 4.11 GOI, New Delhi
11 Establishment of Bee Pollination Garden and Preparation of Bee Floral Calender Javaregowda 2022 3 50.61 GOI, New Delhi
12 Development and Demonstration of AI enabled Farm, Weather and Market information based Decision Support System (FARWM-DS) for sustainable farm productivity & profitability and evolve profitable pattern S. S. Dolli 2023 3 152.019 ICAR, New Delhi
13 Design of climate smart agriculture based surface irrigation system to improve water productivity Pradeep H.K./ M.S.Shirahatti 2023 1 20.00 ICSSR, New Delhi
14 Development of insect resistant chickpea varieties protected against Helicoverpa armigera Basavaraj Bagewadi 2023 3 48.718 DBT, New Delhi

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