Main Agricultural Research Station, Dharwad is the oldest station established in the year 1947.  Since from the inceptions to date several accomplishments  are achieved in the interest of farming community. Some of the technologies developed at this center are recognized at national and international level. MARS, constitutes institute  of organic farming, Fodder Research & Production Unit, Livestock Units (Dairy, Poultry, Sheep & Goat),  Dairy Unit, Hi-tech horticulture, Horticulture and Saidapur Farm.


This station mainly works for providing the service to all the teaching departments and as well AICRP on different crops and projects and schemes for their smooth functioning of progrmme.

  • Station is involved in the breeder, foundation and certified seed production of Ground nut, soybean, green gram and cowpea during kharif season as per Seed production action plan.
  • During the rabi season breeder, foundation and certified seed production programme on Bengal gram, jowar, wheat and safflower will be taken up as per Seed production action plan.
  • Station is also having cattle shed with 20 pairs of bullocks (Kilar and Hallikar breed) used for draft purpose
  • Around eight kalverts in F block have been constructed to avoid soil and water erosion.
  • This year in order to make uniform germination in seed production plots totally four atomatic seed cum fertilizer drills have been purchased and made used.
  • In order to make leveling of lands two wooden harrows have been purchased and made used.
  • Every year farm roads and bunds have been prepared and maintained.
  • This year farm has been actively involved in the large scale production of vermin compost and around 150 tonns of vermin compost will be produced this year.
  • Multiplication and popularization of pre released varieties of different crops.
  • Conducting new chemical testing trials as per the University guidelines.
  • In order to improve the soil fertility every year 25% of the land will be brought under green manuring with sunnhemp in different blocks.
  • Around 3000 red sandal, stone fruits and other forest species have been planted in and around main campus.
  • Sc. Experiential learning students in Agricultural waste management (ARM).
  • Sc. RAWE training programme for final year B.Sc. (Agri.)/ABM students in Agricultural waste management (ARM).
  • Seed Production programme of Nucleus, Breeder, Foundation, Certified, and TL seeds of various crops during Kharif and Rabi Season: Soybean, Groundnut, Sorghum, Blackgram, Maize, Cowpea, Sunhemp, Jowar, Bengalgram, Safflower, Wheat and Green fodder (SA Tall-Maize).
  • Production of FYM and Vermicompost: Annually one hundred (100 mt.) mt. of vermicompost is produced along with 300 mt. of FYM and same will be used for applying to the different blocks (fields) of MARS.


Main Store, MARS.  Dharwad                                                 Bullock shed,  MARS, Dharwad 

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